Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lunch with the local Parish

This morning I was awoken by church bells (something I'd only really heard in the movies) and I decided that, since I was in England, I should naturally try out the Sunday service of the Church of England. As an American protestant, I have visited a few Roman Catholic cathedrals in the states, but have never visited an Anglican church, let alone even really known the difference between the two (besides the famous schism from Rome by King Henry VIII).

After service, I decided to stay and visit with a few of the local members and soon got invited to tea with the priest. Tea turned into a full meal and pretty soon I found myself laughing and sharing stories with several members of the Parish's leadership team (sorry, not sure what the correct word is). It was fascinating to see that behind the tall hats, shiny robes, and complicated words they were ordinary people who had similar interests and even a sense of humor!

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