Friday, May 2, 2008

London - First Impressions

I'm still not sure how I plan to structure these blogs, so I'll just start with a bulleted list of my first impressions in each city. Hopefully, over the course of the week, as we obtain deeper insight into each city's cultural treasures, we will be able to see which of the impressions were more or less accurate. So here goes...

- Surprisingly not much different from the US
- Feels a lot like Boston (I guess they call it NEW England for a reason)
- The subways and streets are very clean (curious, as there are no garbage cans on the streets)
- No street signs. Oh wait, they're on the buildings... ok, never mind, London has street signs too
- Transit system is very sophisticated. Double-decker buses seem like a great idea.
- PDA (i.e. making out in public) seems to be the norm. I'm guessing this is just a taste of what to expect in continental europe...?
- Beer advertisements all seem to emphasize "all natural ingredients". Curious if this is just a recent marketing trend, or an ordinary cultural preference.
- Not as diverse as expected
- Everything closes around 6 PM.

This is just from the first 12 hours... I'm sure there will be lots of other observations to be made, and lessons to be learned, over the next 5-6 days in London.

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